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Automated Door Hinge Assembly Jig

Our flagship automation project to date; the first of it's kind in South Africa and is our first true Industry 4.0 project.

We were briefed to automate a door hinge assembly which would validate the correct component is loaded in the correct sequence ensuring the part would be assembled correctly.

We brought technology from all of our automation partners (SMC Pneumatics; Phoenix Contact; Rittal; IFM; Staccato Technologies; Assalub and SICK) together in order to complete this project.


We must attribute the success of the project with tremendous support in expediting deliveries and technical support. We cannot thank our customer enough for trusting us with this innovative concept.


• The IO Link paired with the ProfiNet to become the backbone in our communication protocols.

• The Flexible Position Unit (FPU) from Staccato Technologies combined with the SICK MPS-C sensor were our hero pieces as they enabled us to teach the PLC both the start and end positions of the cylinders whilst simultaneously ensuring the cylinders don’t have to fully retract or extend.

• We utilized a fully automated lubrication system from Assalub, dispensed precisely 0.03 grams of grease onto the inner and outer diameter of each bush prior to them being pressed into the assembly.

• Ten SMC pneumatic cylinders were used in the project.

• The pneumatics were controlled by the SMC SY5000 valve bank. Six out of the ten controlled six SMC pneumatic cylinders and the grease pump. The remaining four SMC pneumatic cylinders were controlled individually by the Staccato FPU valve.

Automated Door Hinge Assembly Jig
Automated Door Hinge Assembly Jig
Automated Door Hinge Assembly Jig
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