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Mainline Air Filtration - Zimbabwe

We were approached in 2015 by a customer in Zimbabwe who were battling to find spares for their mainline air filtration as well as having numerous condensation issues with their compressed air.

The customer had been supplied filtration however they were not informed of the grade of filtration (by means of documentation).

Once the compressor, dryer capacity and compressor room layout had been confirmed, we began the process of designing and fabricating a plug and play solution which included a distribution manifold.


It was decided that a AFF220A mainline filter with a filtering capacity of 40,000 litres of air per minute, nominal filtration rating of 3 micron would be the best fit. We paired it with AMD1010 micro mist separator with a filtering capacity of 40,000 litres per minute with a nominal filtration of 0.01 micron as well as a distribution manifold.

The AMD1010 unit weighed in at 430kg and had a height of 1.74m (1740mm).


We packaged everything including a spare set of filters and shipped it off to the customer.


During their off crop, they decommissioned their existing filtration and fitted our new system without any modification to their compressor room or pipework.


The mainline filter, the micro mist separator and the distribution manifold are all fitted with auto drains that function on a float system ensuring efficient discharge of condensation that has been collected.


The distribution manifold was fabricated with a 5 degree lean towards the auto drain which ensures that the condensation is collected and discharged.

Over the past six years, they have only changed their elements once, with them lasting an average of three seasons (years).

The air quality has improved significantly which has resulted in a substantial reduction in the amount of valves and cylinders that they would have needed to purchase.

Mainline Air Filteration
Mainline Air Filteration
Mainline Air Filteration
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