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  • Applicable series: CJ2, CM2, CG1, CA2, MB, CQ2, C85, C75, C76, C95, C96, CP96
  • Applicable bore sizes (mm): 8 to 10.

KJ4D -Piston Rod Ball Joint M4 X 0.7mm Thread

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  • Variants

    • Piston rod ball joint (ISO8139)
    • 8/10mm Bore Actuators (M4 x 0,.7mm Thread)
    • 12/16mm Bore Actuators (M6 x 1mm Thread) 
    • 20m Bore Actuators (M8 x 1.25m Thread)
    • 25mm Bore Actuators (M10 x 1.25mm Thread)
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